Our team here is made up of happy, crazy dog people we are all dog parents ourselves, so understand the concerns and worry that surround owners and their dogs when it comes to grooming. Let us put you at ease with our shared wealth of knowledge and experience, to assure you that your dog’s experience with us will be a happy, fun and positive one. Your dogs are in great hands!

The Team

Simone – CPG, C&G, Dog Reiki

Founder, Dog Groomer and Manager

Simone is an International Certified Professional Groomer, and City and Guilds Qualified Level 3 Groomer. She started grooming in 2008 and has trained many Groomers over the years. She is one of very few groomers to hold a qualification in Dog Reiki. Simone is also Dog-First-Aid trained, and has completed many courses and workshops from Canine Nutrition, Canine behaviour and Body Language, to Creative Dog Grooming and Asian Freestyle. She is the owner of 2 lovable little doggies – Topaz the Chug and Matilda the Chihuahua who you will find at the salon with her in their favourite spot – chilling out on their bed in the kitchen in from of the warm radiator!

Simone specialises in grooming anxious dogs, dogs with fear aggression or dogs that have been labelled “difficult” and “difficult to groom”

Simone says…

“My love of grooming was born out of my passion for animal welfare. Aiming to deliver excellence in professional grooming. I have an artisan, and intuitive approach to my grooming style, and its something that brings me great happiness. I take my time to ensure the utmost attention to detail. I pride myself on giving every dog that I groom my own personal touch – along side the owners requirements.

Grooming is my absolute passion! For me, there is nothing better than making a dog look and feel it’s absolute best no matter what condition they were in when they first come into the salon. Nothing beats a wagging tail and happy face of a freshly groomed dog!

I am a qualified Dog Reiki Practitioner, and, whilst grooming, I use this technique to help further relax your dogs and to help combat any anxiety that they may be experiencing. I use my own energy to help dogs feel at ease and secure. I offer Reiki as a stand alone service to assist with other issues such as behaviour problems, arthritis, anxiety, or aggression please contact me to discuss further. Outside of work you will find me in my garden growing a whole host of fruit and veg or training in the gym I am a competitive olympic weightlifter which is my second biggest passion, and also a great way for me to achieve a healthy work/life balance.”


Dog Groomer

Ailish is our awesome incredibly talented Self Employed Dog Groomer. Fully trained by Simone, Ailish can always be found kissing and cuddling the dogs somewhere! Ailish works extremely hard to ensure that all clients requirements are carried out to the best of her abilities. Ailish offers, with an open heart, a whole wealth of experience and knowledge from previous roles working with dogs and She is the proud dog-mum to Dillon, the most handsome Springer Spaniel, who you will find underneath the reception desk chewing on his big bones!Ailish says…

Since I was a little girl, I have always adored animals and I always knew that I wanted to work with animals. I have kept many different pets: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, rats and african pygmy hedgehogs but the loyalty and love that dogs as a species give us, has earned them a special place in my heart.

In my spare time I love going to dog events, from Crufts, local fun dog shows and big dog festivals to dog friendly activities like the lido’s annual dog swim, group dog walks and dog friendly paddle-boarding classes.

My background: Before I found my passion for Dog Grooming, I was an assistant dog trainer, a dog walker worked in dog day care and I volunteered at The Wild Place as a Wolf and Primate Ranger.

I have completed several courses including Canine First Aid and Canine behaviour courses, many focusing on dog body language and positive reinforcement / force free obedience training. I am now focusing solely on expanding my grooming skills, by attending Asian fusion courses and gaining further qualifications.

I currently have 3 cats: Willow, Finlay & Kizzie, who are all 12, and a 5 year old working Springer Spaniel, Dillon, for whom I throw a big birthday party!

I am so grateful to all my clients who trust me to take care of and groom their beautiful doggy’s, without them my dream job wouldn’t be possible.


Dog Grooming


Teeth Cleaning

“We are passionnate about taking care of your animals!”

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