Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for all breeds!

It is estimated that by the time dogs are 2 years old, 80% of them will begin to show signs of oral disease. By using ultrasonic teeth cleaning as part of a regular routine, you can avoid expensive vet visits and treatments which would require your dog to be fully anaesthetised. The ultrasonic treatment is very pet friendly, due to its complete lack of sound and vibration. Most importantly, the health benefits are fantastic!

Here’s how it works:

The toothbrush is completely SILENT, non-invasive, non-vibrating, and also have a sterilising effect, it cleans the teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. At the same time, it increases the blood flow to the gums and can also help to heal wounds and stop any bleeding.

Ultrasound and a specially formulated toothpaste perform the cleaning so brushing is not necessary. Ultrasound cleans more effectively than regular brushing, destroying bacteria even in the gum pockets, this is because the ultrasounds reach up to 12mm below the gum-line.

Vibration Free Without Brushing:

Using the specially formulated toothpaste, the soft bristles of the brush are held against the teeth/gums allowing your dog’s teeth to be cleaned gently without the irritation of vibration or noise. The water and the ultrasound waves kill all bacteria and impurities, working gently but very effectively.

These high-frequency ultrasound waves are transferred to every single bristle of the toothbrush. The toothpaste acts as the conductor for the ultrasound, at which point millions of microscopic nano-bubbles are generated, which effectively soften and break down tartar, eliminating and removing food particles, plaque, and bacteria from inside your dog’s mouth. It’s as simple as that!

Once the teeth are clean, it’s recommended that your dog have an ultrasonic clean at least every 8 – 12 weeks in order to maintain their teeth. If bad breath, plaque or tarter start to form before this recommendation then more frequent appointments will be needed.

Maintenance sessions can be added to your dog’s grooming appointment or booked as a separate appointment.


£20 by itself or £15 with a Groom or Bath & Brush appointment.